Kite Surfing

As one of the newest extreme sports in the world, kitesurfing (a.k.a kiteboarding) combines elements of surfing, skating, windsurfing and kiting to create an exciting sport that, under the right instruction, is both easy to learn, and totally exhilarating!

Our experienced kiteboarding partner offers a variety of kitesurfing training packages, conducted at our beautiful local beaches in Nai Harn and Rawai, with something for all levels of ability.

Available Courses

A three-day beginner package is the most popular and cost-effective option, the goal being to take novice kiteboarders from having never flown a kite before, to being able to practice safely on their own. For those with less time to spare, single day introductory and intermediate courses are available. These will give you the basic instruction needed to familiarise with the kiteboarding equipment, and the techniques needed to ensure maximum fun and safety.

All courses are taught by International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) qualified instructors, with a maximum of two students per instructor.  One-to-one training is also available, this is a good option for more experienced kitesurfers, looking to refine existing skills or develop new ones.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to the best in modern kiteboarding gear from manufacturers such as Cabrinha, Airush, Nobile, Flexifoil and Liquid Force.  See below for more details on the specific training options available.

3-Day IKO Beginner’s Course - IKO Level 1 & 2

This three-day beginner's package is the best option for those with no experience, but who want to quickly develop their kiteboarding knowledge and ability.

Focusing on rigging/flying a four-line ram air inflatable kite, this course has an emphasis on practical teaching rather than theory, to develop your confidence and skills.  By the end of the three days, you should be certified as an IKO Level 2 Kiteboarder - ready to hit the water safely on your own and “fly solo”. Three-day students also enjoy discounts in the kiteboarding gear shop!

3-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Rigging up a 4-line kite and equipment safety systems, understanding the wind and weather, site assessment and safety, flying a 4-line kite, launching, landing, water re-launching, emergency quick release, self landing, equipment types, safety systems and self rescue.

Day 2: Independently rigging up long lines, flying in the "chicken loop", flying confidently at the edge of the wind window, rescue techniques, body dragging techniques, self launching techniques, and basic water techniques.

Day 3: Water start techniques, board riding techniques, water re-launch in deep water.


 Price:  11,000 THB
 Duration: 3 days
 Certification: IKO Kiteboarder Levels 1 & 2
 Included: All equipment and professional instruction, with maximum two students per IKO-qualified Instructor

Kiteboarding Discovery Course - IKO Level 1

A short, introductory course, covering similar material as the first day of the three-day beginner’s course, this program will teach you the basics of using the kiteboarding equipment, and get you onto the water and into the wind!  You’ll also develop the basic knowledge and techniques to both rig and fly a 4-line and/or ram-air trainer kite, and by the end of the course you’ll be certified as an IKO Level 1 Kiteboarder!


 Price: 4,000 THB
 Duration: 2 - 4 hour lesson
 Certification: IKO Level 1 Kiteboarder
 Included: All equipment and professional instruction, with maximum two students per IKO-qualified Instructor

Intermediate Kiteboarding Course - IKO Level 2 Kiteboarder

Designed to follow on from the Kiteboarding Discovery Course (IKO Level 1), this intermediate course is another short program designed to take you from introductory level kitesurfing, to riding the waves as an independent kiteboarder - gaining you your IKO Level 2 certification!


 Price: 4,000 THB
 Duration: 2 - 4 hour lesson
 Certification: IKO Level 2 Kiteboarder
 Included: All equipment and professional instruction, with maximum two students per IKO-qualified Instructor

IKO Level 1 & 2 Competencies


  • Know safe wind directions and conditions for kiting
  • Know hazards on a spot (obstacles, immediate dangers)
  • Set up a trainer kite
  • Know the use of safety systems


Have basic flying skills with trainer kite
  • Launch and land the trainer kite with an assistant
  • Twist and untwist the lines while flying the kite
  • Walk and change directions while flying the kite
  • Know the wind window and understand it in 3 dimensions


  • Set-up a 4/5 line kite with a full de-power system
  • Pre-flight check of equipment and settings
  • In flight check of equipment and settings
  • Understand and use the international communication signals
  • Launch and land the kite to an assistant and as an assistant (4/5-line de-power kite)


  • Control the kite hooked into the harness
  • Understand the de-power system and can use the safety systems
  • Advanced flying skills with the de-power kite
  • Show full control of de-power systems in flight


  • Pull quick release and activate leash
  • Recover the bar and kite
  • Self land


  • Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite
  • Water re-launch the kite
  • First body drag downwind
  • Maintain correct kite position in the wind window
  • Change direction to the left and right while body dragging
  • Recover the kite and bar in the water


  • Upwind body drag to recover board
  • Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand
  • Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging


  • Know the power stroke for a water start
  • Know the safety rules and theory for water start
  • Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start


  • Water starts in both directions and ride a short distance
  • Come to a controlled stop* Understand weather forecast, tidal- and wind effects
  • Determine the wind strength, direction and quality
  • Know the right of way rules
  • Know equipment set-up and choice according to the weather conditions

1:1 Private Kiteboarding Lesson

For those who want to learn faster, or more experienced kiteboarders who have a specific skill they wish to develop, a private lesson is the way to go!  With one-to-one tuition, including boat support and two-way radio communication, any skill, such as gibing, going upwind, water re-launching and jumping can be taught.


 Price: 8,000 THB
 Duration: 4-hour lesson
 Certification: As applicable, e.g. IKO Level 2 Kiteboarder
 Included: All equipment and private tuition from an IKO-qualified Instructor

Equipment Rental

Cabrinha and Airush boards, kites and gear are available to hire at hourly and daily rates.

Kiteboard / Harness / Bar & Lines:  

  • 1,400 THB per hour
  • 4,000 THB per day

Bar & Lines:

  • 160 THB per hour
  • 960 THB per day

Additional Notes

  • Kitesurfing courses and rental are available every day of the week; advanced booking is recommended during November to April
  • Proof of your advanced level kiteboarding qualification is required before equipment can be hired
  • When renting equipment, you are responsible for this equipment. If damage is incurred, you will be required to pay the cost to repair, or if a write-off, the cost to replace the equipment.
  • A “Single Day” counts as all day, from opening to closing - not overnight, e.g. from midday one day, to midday the next.

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