The Chimney, Koh Haa Neua

Situated on the south side of Koh Haa Neu, The Chimney dive site starts at 5m and descends to 25m. The deeper sandy slopes dropping away from the island feature beautiful hard coral outcrops, blanketed by sea fans and soft corals, and offering stunning swim-throughs and channels to be explored before ascending toward the chimney.

The Chimney, Koh Haa Neua Information

  • Time to dive site: 3.0+ hours by dive boat
  • Diver level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Currents: Mild
  • Depth: 5 - 28m

Diving in Koh Haa Neua

The chimney itself starts at 14m via an opening in the wall of the island, then the narrow shaft rises, nearly vertically to 8m, where it forks, leading to two exit points at 5m. Requiring expert buoyancy skills, this part of the dive is recommended for more experienced divers only.

Inside the chimney you’ll often find clouds of glassfish, and around the site, a great diversity of marine life can be found. As well as the coral reef and dancing anemones, there are critters and cowries, lionfish and frogfish, banded seasnakes and morays, and schools of barracuda and snapper to name but a few. Take it slowly for a chance to spot the tigertail seahorses which havebeen reported here too.